If you have a problem with your playstation 3 then you have come to the right place!

Here at my PS3 repair we have been repairing the Playstation 3 for over 3 years and have a wealth of experience in the field. There is no one in the North West area better suited and more reliable to repair your ps3.

The most common fault we see with the PS3 is the yellow light of death (YLOD). Many people ask me when they ring up what causes this fault and there is a simple short answer. It is caused because Sony, like Microsoft, have to use lead free solder on the CPU and GPU BGA chips on the board because of EU regulations so it is more environmentally friendly. Because lead free solder is used under the chips over years with the console heating up and cooling a lot of these solder balls crack and get hair line fractures causing the yellow light of death.

Now here at my ps3 repair we can fix this problem for you by using state of the art machinery, namely a jovy re7500 (pictured above) with dark infra red technology which will bring the solder up to its melting point to reflow the solder and fix this problem. It will then last many more years of heating up and cooling down.

We are now offering a full 3 MONTH WARRANTY on all YLOD repairs so long as the original Sony warranty sticker is intact, if not then only 30 days can be offered. We are the only company in the North West that offers this kind of warranty on our repairs.