About L & R  Computer & Mobile Repair-est. 2011

L & R Computer & Mobile Repair is located and registered in bridgend CF35 6YR

About Richy - Owner

General Company Description

What business will you be in? What will you do?

Vision Statement

To grow a financially successful Repair Company In our local area of Bridgend with a reputation for excellent customer service, with a focus on Low Price Repairs .

Mission Statement

To help the community with affordable computer & mobile phone repairs, Also keep computers & mobiles out of the scrap yard & will be actively engaged in repairing Mobile Phones, Game Console Repairs,PC's, Laptops,Mobile Phone Data Recovery, and other Equipment.

The Company

Company History
  L & R Computer & Mobile Phone Repair is a new company intending to enter the World Wide Web, Local Retail, Repair Services business. The company concept was developed over a period of 2 yeras by to friends ,Richard has been intrested in  computer & mobile phones since he was a child, and he have had a lot of experience fixing them. he’s been doing computer and mobile repairs for friends and family for more than eleven years. Before he knew it everyone he knew started referring me to all their friends and family. During this time he has learned a lot and seen almost every computer & mobile phone problem you could imagine.

he has also had work experience as a technician as a student for 4 weeks during school in 1998, also his father took an interest in the subject in his 40’s, doing a variety of repairs and updates, website administration, and upgrading and building custom computers, Rebuilding Sony PSP'S And Game consoles and mobile phones during this time he learned a lot about the uses of computers, game consoles and mobile phones. It was Richard’s desire to follow in his dads foot steps.

The experience he’s gained and the lessons he has learned throughout his life led him to the dream of one day owning my own business. Along with the advice from a lot of people telling me that he should start my own computer & mobile repair company is how Richy’s Computer & mobile Repair came about. It would be a dream come true to start this business from home. 


Company Goals and Objectives

To have a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service and that has a loyal reputation & high quality service, customer satisfaction. In the next 3 months the company intends to open for business and to implement a targeted advertising campaign.

Skills learned over the years

Qualified Fitter , Computer IT GCSE , Mobile Phone Repair , NVQ Webpage Design  , NVQ Key Skills , NVQ Team Building , Coea's in the following ,Welsh ,Maths , English  ,Design & technology , Life Skills  .

About Partner - Leighton

Computer Repair NVQ Lev1, Mobile Phone Repair, And an writer for an online forum NVQ Lev2 Web page Design. ECT...
Stock consists of mainly Parts. We have A Wide range in stock. We are able to offer a worldwide repair service.

We stock a good range of... Parts to order are normally added to stock based on the number of customer inquiries we receive for any particular part.

If we receive a lot of requests for a part that is not in stock, we will consider stocking it and adding the Parts to the range of available Parts that we currently stock.
Additions are made on a regular basis, and we do try to keep the parts mentioned on the online store page in stock. Usually parts are re-ordered before we run out entirely. Older parts are being replaced with modern parts where possible....

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