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Circuit Board Assembly Services

Desc: Grab the leading manufacturer of circuit board assembly services in Canada at affordable prices. As a PCB assembler and EMS provider, Bittele Electronics guarantees on-time delivery of quick turn printed circuit board assemblies.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Services offering low cost domain names


Cheap Friendly Camfrog Room Hosting

In this day and age people don't have much spare money left at the end of the month. So we are offering Cheap and affordable room hosting, with rooms starting from as little as £12.99 a month. We try to give the best quality service possible. We have friendly staff that will be there to help you with any problems you may have with your rooms

FreedomRoomHosting started January 2011, but all staff have had many years experience in camfrog room hosting. In May of 2011 FreedomRoomHosting became part of the Froghosting-Group joining forces with. FrogRoomHosting

Together we are going to give you the best service that money can buy, don't miss out on some great deals.

Grains Biros Repair

Desc:We are actively engaged in repairing Flash BIOS for PC's, Laptops, and other equipment that use a Flash ROM type chip or EEPROM.

Stock consists of mainly SPI Serial Flash, PLCC, DIP, VSOP and TSOP EEPROM. We have SPI Serial Flash chips in both SOIC and PDIP in stock. We are able to offer a Worldwide chip programming service.


For Xbox and Playstation Repairs

Test disk

Christopher Grenier's Test disk an excellent very useful Partition recovery tool.

William's Radio

William's Radio and Electrical, serving the Kent community since 1979. We specialise in audio, electrical, electronic, radio, video and computers.


UK Business to Business portal, UK Business directory

MS CRM Blackberry

Edge for Microsoft Dynamics – An easier way to access MS CRM Applications via Blackberry.

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