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Mobile Phone Unlocking Via Post Or Collection

£ 20.00 

Unlock means you will be able to use your phone with any Worldwide network!!!
Any mobile phone means it supports nokias, Samsung, Actell, LG, Sony Ericson ZTE, Mobile Broadband Dongles ECT...

Excluding iphones and htc or android, blackberry phones

IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity. You can find it by removing your battery of you phone or typing *#06#, We would need to now what the make and model of the phone in question and the network its locked to!! Any inquiry’s please contact me before making you’re order

Please contact us before ordering and supply us with you’re IMEI number and network it’s locked to and make and model of the phone



Iphone ,HTC,And Blackberry unlocking

£ 55 

This is the unlocking service charge is for iphones S, GS, HTC and blackberry samsung Galaxy S,S2. These codes are very popular with customers and are in high demand 



Please contact us prior to making you're order. As we mite be able to get a better deal for you. Also you must provide us with the network it’s locked to and make of phone and model by removing the barratry and IMEI by dialling *#06# 


iPhone or ipod Replacement LCD New Touch Screen Broken Glass

£ 75.99 

If you have cracked, scratched or damaged the glass or have bleeding/missing pixels on your iPhone 4 this is the part you need. The iPhone 4 is different to previous versions in that the LCD and Touch Screen Digitizer is factory glued together. It is possible to separate the two but this is a very specialist repair and should only be undertaken by a professional repairer.


This unit includes the mid frame, Touch Screen Digitizer and LCD all pre-assembled so you simply have to remove the damaged unit and replace it with this. We also include the new pentalobe screwdriver for the latest Apple security screws.


  • If you have an Apple iPhone 3G or 3GS - please contact us
  • If you also have a damaged rear case ,please contact us so that we can give you the best price for the complete package.

Please contact us prior to making you're order. Also this the charge for parts for youre Apple Device laber is billed separately


Mobile Phone Repair Service

£ 25 

If you're having problems with your Mobile Phone, then we can help.
Our repair service is unique; we offer a fast professional cost effective repair service.

Our workshop is based in Bridgend is conveniently located Send Your Mobile Phone through Registered/signed for Mail for security and proof of dispatch/receipt Along with USB Cable and Fully Charged Battery,

we also repair iphones and htc phones

Remove your sim card and memory card also, as we are not held reliable for the loss of these items, Please contact us prior to making you're order. Also this the labor charge for repairing your phone excluding parts.


Data Recovery Servie For Mobile Phones

£ 50.00 

Have you ever lost an important text message or phone number, deleted it by mistake or even music or pictures. Then this service is best for you. The service is a very long process and dose take 3 working days to recover any data


Please contact us prior to making you're order. As we mite be able to get a better deal for you.


PC Factory Settings And Format,Backup Service

£ 30.00 

We Will Format You Hard Drive and Reinstall with the Best Windows OS That Will Run on Your PC or Laptop and Any Parts Will Be Added To the Bill But Not With Out Notifying You First

Most computers can be upgraded, in most cases a faster CPU and extra memory can be fitted. Hard Drives can be replaced with a larger unit, or alternatively you can add an extra drive to your machine as a backup drive.

The power supply may need to be upgraded if you fit a different motherboard and CPU. An extra drive can sometimes mean you have to upgrade the \power supply unit (PSU) also.

Hard disk drives can be replaced with larger and faster drives. CD/ROM drives can be replaced with CD or DVD writers.

PC Repair Service-Mid Glamorgan

Before you use the PC Repair service, it would be in your own interest to update all your software. Also update your anti virus and spy ware programs and run them. Performing these steps will often resolve a lot of software related problems. You should also de fragment your hard drive on a regular basis.

Most people having computer software problems blame the PC. This is very often unjustified, if you use the machine on the Internet then any software problems are very often associated with spy ware and virus infections.

Another common complaint is slow booting and start-up, you should check that there are no programs in the start-up folder other than essential items. Most user problems are software related.

Operating System

If you have your recovery and software disks then please bring these along with the machine if you use the service

I want to keep all my files

We provide a confidential data retrieval Service If you have data that needs to be secured on any machine brought in for repair, then please make us aware of the fact before we commence the repair.

If you know the location and type of files you need saved, then it helps if you can also provide us with that information.

Cost depends on how much time is spent retrieving your data and also on the condition of the hard drive, so consequently the more information you can give us the better.

Emergency Data Recovery

PROFESSIONAL Emergency Data Recovery Service

Email us we may be able to help.

The PC repair service is primarily aimed at local customers in the Mid Glamorgan area of South Wales U. K.

Please contact us prior to making you're order. Also this the laber charge for repairing your computer excluding parts




Game Console Repairs

£ 30.00 

 We occasionally break Sony PSP'S, Ps3’s Xbox 360s, wiis and ps2s and game cubes for spares if we cannot repair them. In some cases boards are complete and screens also complete

Please Note:this is the labour charge for repairing you're console ,parts are billed separately


Laptop Rebiulds

£ 50.00 

This Service is for Laptop Rebuilds were we would strip you’re laptop down and fix any normal problems you mite have we can also replace the mother board for most laptops witch the hart of the laptop but price for parts is not included


Please contact us prior to making you're order. As we will need payment for parts first before ordering you’re parts labour charge paid after item is fixed


Remote Computer Laptop Repair

£ 25.99 

This Service Is for Virus Removal and Remote Repair of Your Pc or Laptop we will remotely connect to your pc and fix or Provide Remote and phone Support and Fix Your Problem via Team Connector,   Witch can be downloaded From the teamvewier.com website you will need to provide us with the user id and password from the team viewer console window


PLEASE NOTE: this is a 1 year subscrion we will be able to help out side bussiness hours for all windows based problems in the bridgend area


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